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JMP数据分析软件官方教程 [pdf=22M]

JMP是现在行业内标准的数据分析工具,用来分析process capability再好不过了。


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Section I  Introduction to JMP Page
Table commands   11
Column commands  17
Row commands   18
Subset and Join commands 22
Saving Scripts, Journals and Projects  40
Section II  Statistics Foundations & Distribution Analysis
Measures of center and spread   52
Standard error and central limit theorem   57
Normal distribution   62
t distribution and confidence intervals 66
Test for normality   77
Data and tolerance intervals  (normal)  84
Process capability (normal)   87
Nonnormal distribution fitting and process capability  92
Section III  Nominal X, Continuous Y
Contour plots, Components of Variance, REML and POV  105 p, p ,
Sample size for the mean and standard deviation   124
t test – one sample  143
t test – two sample  150
Test for differences in variances  164
t test – paired   170
One-way ANOVA and F test  176 y
N-way ANOVA  185
Nonparametric data analysis (optional)  191
Section IV  Continuous X, Continuous Y
Simple linear regression, correlation  200
Multiple regression  224
ANCOVA   248
StiVNilXNilY Section V Nominal X, Nominal Y
Mean and sigma for proportion defective   254
Sample size and statistical tests for proportion defective   256      
Mean and sigma for defect per unit  260
Chi-square test for defects and proportion defective  265
Pareto graphs and cross tabs analysis  277
Sti VICti XN ilY dPtiti Section VI  Continuous X, Nominal Y and Partition
Logistic regression  287
Nominal logistic regression (optional)  293
Recursive partitioning  295
Nonlinear Modeling  303

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Where is Administration

Where is admin?
It is important.
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