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Teradyne UFLEX RF module培训材料(Ultrawave 12G) [pdf]

这个是从Teradyne拿来的培训材料,主要讲UFLEX测试机上的RF模块的, 就是Ultrawave 12G模块的硬件结构和程序编写控制。

The UltraWave 12G Wireless Programming Class provides the student with a basic introduction
to UltraWave microwave instrumentation architecture and IG-XL microwave programming
software and test . Included are  labs which allow the student to perform typical microwave
tests. Students perform these tests on class DUTs, such as an LNA, Modulator and
Demodulator. Lab work is on the tester as well as the simulator. Program debug and debug
tools are also explored.
Major topics covered include: Sourcing and Measuring RF signals (loopback test), basic RF device
tests using the UltraWave architecture for serial test , parallel test and multi-site test (Gain,
NF, IP2, IP3, Gain Sweep), UltraWave Modulated Source, Tester RF/ LO channels and
baseband instrument (VHFAC, BBAC, TurboAC) usage to test an IQ Modulator and IQ
Demodulator, Hardware DFT, ESA Toolkit.
Course prerequisite is  the UltraFLEX IG-XL Fundamentals Programming Class and UltraFLEX
Mixed Signal Programming Class.
• Recommended: Applied RF Techniques I by Besser Associates or equivalent.
For the purpose of discussing the RF test concepts in this course, the examples
presented will assume that the user has a working knowledge for entering
information in the Test Flow, Test Instance, and supporting worksheets.
The procedures and coding for setting up the DUT, that generally includes powering-up,
initializing, and setting the appropriate conditions for testing will be supplied.

– Program the MW Mod Source.
– Program a DUT modulator/demod using BBAC/VHFAC/or TurboAC with the MWSource,
MWReceiver, MWLO.
– Program using ESA
– Validate, run, analyze, interpret and debug these tests.
Performance Tasks:
– Write, validate, and debug a program which uses the MW Mod Source.
– Write, validate, and debug a simple AM waveform creation program using DSP methods.
– Write, validate, and debug a Modulator DUT test using the onboard AWG,
– Write, validate, and debug a Demodulator DUT test using on board AWG, the
– Modulated Source: Create and test using:
1. IF mode signal for legacy Gen4 segments
2. Signals and VSA
3. Use the shared resources UltraWave 12G Architecture
4. Use the “ping-pong” test technique for multiple device testing
5. Use the VSA And Signal Explorer modulate/demodulate tools
6. Phase Noise test creation using DSP software (future class release)
7. Receiver pattern microcode
8. Mod Source pattern microcode (use STOPE, not STOP due to I/Q architecture requires ending segment on
zero volt DC level to avoid carrier creation)
• Program using ESA

• Safety Notice
• General Information
• Table of Contents
– DUT block diagram
– Class DIB – top view
• Lab: SRC-RECV Loopback Test
– From VBT
– From Pattern
– Demonstrates MWSource &
• Lab: Gain Test
– Optional Gain Sweep Test
• Lab: IP2 Test
– Demonstrates MWMultitone Path
• Lab: IP3 Test
• Lab: NF Test
• Lab: Modulated Source Using AM
Modulated waveform Test from VBT
– From VBT
– From Pattern
– Demonstrates MWModulated Source
from VBT and Pattern
• Modulator DUT Test
– TurboAC
– Demonstrates MW LO and BB
• Demodulator DUT Tests
– TurboAC
• ESA Toolkit
– Exercises SDE, VSA and ESA Lab
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