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测试工程师 - 澜起科技

公司行业:  电子技术/半导体/集成电路

公司性质:  外资(欧美)

公司规模:  150-500人

工作年限:二年以上语言要求:英语 熟练学    历:本科

职位职能:  测试工程师  IC验证工程师

Play a critical role in meeting
corporate goals with your experience to develop ATE test hardware + software to
support IC design centre

To develop/convert/migrate hardware +
software between test systems to increase test coverage and production

Enhance the existing test techniques
for maximum test quality to minimize customer returns and to reduce test time.

To customize existing test hardware to
PCBs for test repeatability, cost effective, maintenance and productive

To procure essential instruments to
continuously upgrade test engineering lab for bench-to-tester correlation.

To develop software tools to reduce
test program development cycle time by automating generation of test programs
from libraries of proven test methods.

Setup/transfer new products and
technology for production off-load at off-shore.


Knowledge of ATE testing is essential.

Working experience in fast pace
semi-conductor manufacturing environment

Process a good sense of responsibility
and positive working attitude.

Willing to travel at short notice

BSEE/MSEE in Electronics/Electrical

Minimum 2 to 5 years of working
experience in semiconductor industry.

Experience in Mixed Signals and memory
testing is preference.

Good written and oral communications

Knowledgeable in Credence Duo/Teradyne
J750, A5 or Catalyst/Agilent AG9300 ATE systems

Able to understand, debug, modify and
improve test program.

Able to manage sub-contractors at
different locations

Circuit Design (IC) background will be
taken as an additional qualification


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